Who We Are

Striving To Set Up A Well-Functioning Human Support System

Noor-E-Kainat welfare trust is a nonprofit nongovernmental and nonsectarian developmental organization with the aims to serve society through community mobilization and volunteer support programs. Our basic purpose is to ensure for everyone human rights such as Education,Health(especially women and child heath), poverty alleviation, peace and security, legal consultancy and empowerment of underprivileged.

To attain these objectives Noor-E-Kainat welfare trust is striving to set up a well-functioning human support system. Every project outlines a fully self supporting and symbiotic model that once established will be entirely independent of exterior funding to ensure a bright future for thousands of people especially women and children. Noor-E-Kainat welfare trust has the dream to develop a healthy and well placed society in which individuals can enjoy proper health, formal and informal education, fair employment and legal protection services.