Chairman's Message

Dear Friends And Supporters Of NKWT,

NOOR-e-kAINAT Welfare Trust (Regd) is the benefactor of human beings living under the sun. It believes in humanitarian activities and ensures a good healthy life embellished with the characteristics of faith on hereafter. NOOR-e-KAINAT Welfare Trust (Regd) has emotions of mercy, love, tolerance and generosity for the entire humanity regardless of caste, color, religion. A lot of problems, disasters, have become too common to give sequence to life. NOOR-e-kAINAT Welfare Trust (Regd) has been struggling and providing relief to the suffering people in Pakistan.

On this occasion, I am grateful for the sincere, devoted and dedicated workers of NOOR-e-KAINAT Welfare Trust (Regd) Who are working voluntarily for the noble cause.


Mian Ijaz e Mohammed Nizami
Noor-e-Kainat Welfare Trust (NKWT)